Tom Scanlan

Tom Scanlan has been carving wood sculptures since 1989 and has won numerous awards at prestigious competitions such as the North American Championship in Livonia, Michigan and the Ward World Carving Championship.  His works are detailed hand carved wood sculptures that are inspired by nature.  His attention to detailed is significant and each piece is a delight.

Tom carves from his home on Barnum’s Gully, near Hawk's Cliff (Ontario, Canada) which is known as a big migration area for birds and monarch butterflies.  Tom's  inspiration for his carvings comes from his surroundings and from nature itself.

Tom mainly carves waterfowl and songbirds, but he also carves other creatures from nature, such as the Beluga Whale and Spotted Eagle Rays shown on this site.  He generally carves in tupelo wood and finishes his works in acrylics.  Occasionally he experiments with other woods such as the wormy butternut he used in his Spotted Eagle Rays wood sculpture.

Tom also carves canes and walking sticks, and will do special orders for specific birds or other subjects if requested. (Special Commissions accepted)