Shirley Mihlik Thompson

Shirley Mihlik Thompson has been painting since she was 13.  Her father instilled his love for Northern Ontario in her during the family camping trips each year.  Shirley paints from experience - she has canoed down the Nahanni River, travelled the Mackenzie River to Inuvik, and flown to Banks Island in the Arctic. She has visited the east and west coasts of Canada.  Her paintings are imbibed with Canadian content, depicting everything from trees and lakes to flowers and rustic buildings.  Her paintings are all Acrylic, painted on birch panels or paper and she recently has started teaching landscape painting at Guthries Art Supplies.

Recently, Shirley, her husband and children, have moved to Belmont - the countryside surrounds her providing inspiration every day.  Shirley’s exhibitions span many years and venues starting with her Graduation Show at McIntosh Gallery at the University of Western Ontario in 1980 where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  

In the past few years, other than the Lambeth Art Show each April, Shirley has been too busy with family and working to exhibit as much as she would have liked to.  This year she is determined to change that. Her work can be viewed at the Art Emporium in Port Stanley,  Museum London - Art Rental, and at the annual St. Thomas Elgin Artists’ Guild show in November.