Sandra England

From a very early age Sandra was sketching portraits, animals, and cartoons. Although she never pursued art as a career, she always explored her creative nature through crafts, art, and music.  Following her long range plan, Sandra started painting in 2005 and has been painting avidly since then.  She is primarily a self-taught artist but has completed many instructional workshops.  Her work is diverse using Watercolour, Acrylic, and Mixed Media with subject matter that varies from representational landscape, figurative work and often more abstract mixed media.  Her paintings are signed Sam a nickname from childhood still used today by family and friends.

"My creativity is inspired by the beauty around me, and fuelled by the need to express myself in ways that can be shared with others.  I have always been a keen observer of nature, but painting changes the way a person looks at the world."

Sandra is an active member of the Port Stanley Artists' Guild, and a founding member of the St Thomas-Elgin Artists' Guild.  She has served on the executive of both guilds.

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