Randy Bloye

Man of Many Faces

Randy has been carving for 18 years.  Now being retired, he can spend more time at the hobby he enjoys. Carving faces is what he enjoys doing most of all.   In real life, no two faces are alike; it is the same with carvings.  The type of wood, shape and grain map out the face.   Cottonwood bark which he gets from the Kamloops, B.C. Area, is a favourite of Randy's.   In the bark, he carves whimsical houses and wood spirits.

Wood spirits live in the old hollowed out trees and logs within the forests.  When entering the area where these spirits live, permission must be asked  to enter.   In the villages the town folk would line the street with wood spirits when the cattle were brought down from the mountains.  This was done so no evil spirits would enter the town.  A wood spirit carving would be placed beneath a child’s bed to protect this child for life from evil spirits.  Upon death the carving would be burnt so the spirit would move on.  Placing a carved wood spirit above an entrance door would stop evil spirits from entering and also brought good luck to the household.    

Randy also carves walking sticks and makes candle holders from driftwood, old cedar fence posts and any found wood.  You will find him in his workshop carving, with wood chips all around him.


May the spirit be with you.