Pamela A. Vezina

Pamela Vezina is a full time Encaustic Artist residing in the lakeside hamlet of Port Stanley, Ontario. Pam creates  her artwork by exclusively using pigmented bee's wax and Dammar resin. The layers of wax are fused one by one with heat.   Pam chooses natural sources for inspiration to illustrate and recreate stories  about nature.  Be it about the inhabitants of Earth, water, land, air or fire, she is representing visions of nature in many peaceful  and yet dynamic, forms.

A graduate of Graphic Arts a few years back (lets say the 70's), Pam quickly realized this form of artistic venture was not her cup of  tea (or paint).  Experimentation with many mediums such as  oil painting, sculpting, watercolour and photography, along with many classes at the Toronto School of Art she has settled on encaustic painting.  It is challenging, fun and of course when heated smells fantastic.  No other natural medium has the luminous qualities and aroma of bee's wax.

By incorporating natural objects and metal into her work she continues to express the need for preservation of the Earth's resources and a meditative balance that brings her tranquility, which then transforms to  the artwork.

Pam is a member of the Port Stanley Artists’ Guild, Lambeth Artist Association and the Association of Port Stanley Artists. Pam's work is represented at the Funkie Bunkie,  Art Emporium Port Stanley, and the Windjammer  Inn, all in Port Stanley.

Definition & Care of Encaustic Paintings

Pam Vezina Paintings