Nancy Kravalis

Artist Statement

In the act of making my artwork I experience joy and completeness that I have not found in anything else I have done. I want those that look at my artwork see the wonder that is created in the beauty of the blended colour.

I begin working by moving acrylic paint around on a large sheet of paper. I like to work experimentally and intuitively. I feel challenged to make something balanced, compelling and beautiful. After the larger piece is dry I begin the process of looking for the interesting bits. I start cropping out those areas that have potential. I choose a section then proceed by using a collage type approach. I make embellishments to the work as necessary..

Colour is nearly everything in my work. I like to use bright colour, which makes the work vibrate. It creates much of the character of the work.

I like working in miniature because it causes a person to really look at what’s there. Hopefully they see what I saw that was exciting and interesting to me. That is how I hope will make that connection with the viewers. However recently I have been experimenting with some good success, on large pieces. The approach is similar to what I do with the miniatures but I am seeing what I can with large pieces and going with where that takes me.

People have told me that they see a spiritual quality to my work and that is something about it that makes them feel good. As that is a large part of what I am aiming for what better comment could I receive than that?

My Biography

I grew up in Chatham Ontario in a very creative atmosphere.. From an early age both my parents encouraged me with my artistic efforts. However my father, a very accomplished photographer and teacher was the greater influence on me. He is responsible for helping me develop my artistic sense.

I attended Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art consecutively from 1974 until I graduated for OCA in 1980.

Myife then took many different turns which included raising my son at the same time I struggled with serious illness and depression.  During the mid 1990’s I was able to do some artwork and enter a few shows but then my health deteriorated and I had to rest again.

By 2004 my health had recovered enough that I was able to return to school where I studied to be a Social Service Worker at Fanshawe College in London ON. I graduated from that program in 2007. I worked briefly but more illness and injury prevented my from working in that field any longer.

At this point faced with so many limitations from my injuries and my over all health I felt like I had crashed and burned. I wondered what I could do now. It was then that I realized what I could do was my art. At that point I rediscovered my artist self again.

I approach my art  now with a new sense of  purpose and passion. The excitement and joy I get from making my art is what I wish to share with those who see my work. I continue to have health issues and I know I will always have that challenge but finding my artistic heart again I know  it will help with my over all wellbeing.


Email   nakrav17@gmail

Phone: 226-927-9935



Member of Art Emporium Gallery Port Stanley ON.