Kathy MacKay

I paint because I truly enjoy painting.  My earliest memories of painting stem back to painting with my grandmother, Edith MacKay - a talented, hobbyist oil painter.  Over the years I have continued to paint and take the occasional art class (in the midst of establishing my day-job as a dietitian).  Now in my 30's, I have renewed my commitment to painting seriously and sharing my work with others.

At present, the philosophy guiding my work is:  "the more I paint, the better I will paint".  My inspiration comes from capturing life's little moments in paint - with a focus on animals, landscapes, and still life.  I work exclusively in water media (acrylics and watercolours).   

I currently live in London, Ontario with my partner Mark, our dog Wylan, and our 5 cats (yes, 5 cats!).