Jon Herb


Photographer, Jon Herb, has lived in many places throughout his life, from SE Pennsylvania, to Smithers, British Columbia, to SW Ontario.  He has always been interested in cameras, and photography.  His first camera was a Polaroid Swinger, which was used when his family lived in the American SW.  He is married, with two children, and 4 grandchildren.  He is retired from teaching grades 7/8 in a local private school, and he believes that he still maintains a small degree of his sanity.  Jon considers himself an extreme introvert, who enjoys alone time.  During his alone time, he reads (these days, just mysteries, and books on photography), surfs the inter webs, and goes on day trips in Southern Ontario.


Jon is both a poet, and a photographer.  In fact, he subscribes to the theory that photography is visual poetry.  Both the written word, and the completed photograph reveal as much about the artist, as they do about his subject.  His work has appeared on Internet travel sites, museum brochure covers, and in magazines.  He juried the first and last photo contests of the H2O travel magazine for the Interlakes Region of Manitoba.  (Sadly, there were only two.)  While teaching grade 7/8 art, he, developed an introductory course in digital photography, which he later adapted, and taught to adult students at the local Fanshawe College campus.

Jon is presently finishing a series on sport related subjects, having completed shots on baseball, golf, and, tennis.  Soccer, football, volleyball, and, basketball to follow, and possibly rugby, and cricket.  He has also begun a series that he has entitled, “Finding My Inner Cowboy”.  It is loosely based on his childhood dream, and living briefly in Arizona, and New Mexico.  Jon’s work is available on 4 x 6 cards, canvas, gallery framed prints, acrylic, and two types of metal (both brushed aluminum, and HD metals, a high gloss finish). These works are available in multiple sizes, on order, or off the wall at the Boathouse Gallery.  A wide variety of his work can be viewed on his Flickr page, where he has had a membership since 2007.  He is known there as jah32.  He also has work for sale on his Fine Art America  page.