Earl Brown

A retired London Board of Education employee Earl has enjoyed working with wood since his childhood days. He has a carving in his collection that he made some fifty five years ago as he experimented with the texture of wood.  Back in the days when a kid could have a knife.

He will be the first to admit that he carves for himself. Finding a project that interests him he will then combine the thought and the wood to "see what happens".  Wood has such varied caricature that he will rarely use paint as to allow  the grains to add to the finished piece.

He often will refer to himself as more of a "hacker" than a carver more in a Jed Clampett style.

Gathering most of his raw material while walking on a beach or in a bush. He finds inspiration in unusual places so don't be too surprised at what you may find in his work.  Earl also carves canes, driftwood creatures, hiking sticks, and scrimshaw.

Earl’s Bush & Beach Works